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microVection was founded in early 2001. The goal were to establish a dynamic research environment, while also leveraging research projects through development into marketable products. The company's overall research emphasis lies in the areas of heat transfer and fluid flow, with particular emphasis in the areas of micro-scale systems, electronics & laser diode thermal management, and combustion.

The company has 2 employees, using consultants and strategic teaming arrangements with other businesses to extend our technical expertise. microVection's most important teaming arrangement lies with Micro Cooling Concepts (Huntington Beach, CA), the largest domestic source for micro-impingement and microchannel coolers. These coolers are used primarily to cool high power laser diodes.

microVection's main area of expertise is the application of microchannel cooling to systems operating in high heat flux environments. Our work in this area has resulted in the successful development of:

  • Hypersonic Leading Edges
  • Rocket Engine Combustor
  • Plasma Containment Walls For Fusion Reactors
  • Fuel-Air Heat Exchangers for Advanced Turbine Engines

microVection's employees have worked with microfabricated metallic systems since 1983, largely with application to heat transfer and flow control problems. They have designed and manufactured a variety of innovative items, including cold plates, microchannel and micro-impingement coolers, heat pipes, compact heat exchangers, as well as thermal management systems for hypersonic vehicles and IR and RF sensors.

List of Selected Recent Contracts

Program Title


Self-Contained Two-Phase Thermal Management System MC2/USA Design 2-phase microchannel coolers and a microchannel condenser
Advanced Cold Heat Manufacturing MC2/USAF/MDA Conduct CFD studies for cryogenic regenerators using microperforated plates
LOX & LN2 Single Bar Microchannel Cooler Design Study MC2/nLight Optimize microchannel cooler designs for cryogenic applications
Thermal Management System for Solid State Lasers

AFRL/VSSV F29601-03-M-0263

Develop means of directly cooling solid state lasers using index-matched coolants
Enhanced Microchannel Cooler Development


Investigate micro-finned microchannels, matched thermal expansion microchannel designs, and 2-phase microchannel flows
Boiling Enhanced Microchannel Heatsink Development


Characterize 2-phase flows in microchannels, and fab &test a 2-phase microchannel cooler
Economical Fabrication of Large Micro-Impingement Cooling Panels


Develop large tungsten micro-impingement cooling panels
Micro-Flow Studies in the 1 to 50 Micron Domain DARPA/AFRL
Flow and heat transfer tests of microchannels and other micro-geometries
Space Station IPU Heat Exchanger LM/SMSS
PO# O964503J60
Design, fabricate and test 2 stainless steel HX's for the Space Station
Endothermic Heat Exchanger Development AFRL
Design, fabricate and test a prototype Inconel bleed Air/fuel HX
ROTON TPS Design & Rocket Motor Development Rotary Rocket
SO# 980702-01
1. Design the TPS for the ROTON
2. Design, fabricate and test a cooled combustor for the ROTON rocket motor
Microchannel Cold Plate/Manifold Development Hughes Aircraft
Design, fabricate, and test a microchannel cooled structure for a JSF radar
Design, Develop, and Ground Test Evaluation Of Actively-Cooled Leading Edges for Hyper-X NASA/Langley
F29601-94-C-0125 P00003
Design, fab. and perform high heat flux testing of an ultra-sharp hyp. engine leading edge prototype
Lightweight Heat Pipes Integrated into Microspacecraft Structures NASA/Goddard
Design, fabricate and test a honeycomb heat pipe panel
Microchannel-Cooled Struct. for Hyp. Engine Inlets WL/POPR
Design and fabricate a prototype ultra-sharp leading edge for HyTech
Semiconductor Laser Array Cooler Development PL/VTPT
Develop copper microchannel cooler for heat dissipation up to 1 kW/cm2

The pages linked below describe some of our capabilities in more detail:

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