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HyTech Leading Edge Development Program

microVection employees developed a prototype leading edge for the HyTech hypersonic cruise missile. They built and tested two prototypes during a previous Phase I program. In this follow-on effort, the design was scaled up and improved.

The photograph below shows a 3.5"-wide nickel test model fabricated under this program for high heat flux testing in the GASL POET facility. The rectangular blocks on the sides of the model are designed to be inserted into the walls of the POET facility. There are nitrogen purge ports along the model wall/leading edge interface, and the model has a pressure port at the center of the stagnation region on the nose. The second photograph shows a closeup of the nose of the model.

Design Characteristics

  • Designed for steady-state heating up to 1.6 kW/cm**2
  • JP-7 Coolant
  • Nose radius = 0.025", Wedge Angle = 5 degrees
  • 300 psi Allowable Pressure Drop


  • Fabricated 2 Models Using Nickel 201
    • 0.025" Nose Radius
    • Models Survived Internal Pressurization to 1000 psi
  • Tested Thermal and Flow Performance of the 0.025" Model Using Water
    • Thermal Resistance = 0.1 K-cm**2/W
    • Pressure Drop at 1.0 L/min = 60 psi
  • Tested one prototype at GASL POET facility
    • 12 tests conducted at heat fluxes up to 2100 BTU/ft^2-sec
    • Surface temperatures too low to be measured by IR camera (below 700 F)